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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 2, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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will have a live report on the latest. >> we're also hearing this morning from a victim of a san jose wal-mart assault. if she will tell us about seeing the suspect creches car into reverse, off before he drove to the front door of the store. plus will have the latest on the suspect. >> the nra is expected to announce their plans for keeping schools safe. if we will tell you what the new plan could detail. >> where are looking at arrive at the bay bridge toll plaza where it appears that things are starting to slow in the westbound direction. the metering lights have not yet been activated. looking at the east bay your quick commute check you will see that the
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only heavy traffic is fond on interstate 580 and highway 4. we're not looking at an impossible delays. >> it was one year ago today that one goh opened fire at oikos university killing seven people. kron4 will tran is live from the university this morning. >> this memorial has been here for the past 365 days. every now and then someone stops by here to light a candle. here is video from one year ago from a chaotic scene. the university plans to hold to ceremony's over the several weeks to commemorate this horrible tragedy. i have to tell you that six people were killed inside of the building when he came man. he had a
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dispute against his tuition. the administrator was not present at the time. after he left the building he saw a classmate in the parking lot and he shot dead person. that classmates died as well. he took the susthe classmates car and drove away. >> after listening to a psychiatrist that he was just incompetent to stand trial and that is why he is sitting in a psychiatric hospital being evaluated. there will be services and oakland and april 13th. >> the man who police say slammed his car into is san jose wal-mart and got out and attacked customers with a pipe, will be in court today. 31 year-old haamid z aid of seaside, will be
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arraigned today. he has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, and hit and run. police suspect that zaid was under the influence of drugs, but did not disclose anything else about a possible motive for what happened. >> four people were injured on sunday during the incident, including one who remains in the hospital. police say, that the suspect first ramp into two cars in the parking lot, before he headed for the front doors, which were blocked by several concrete filled post. investigators described how he did that. >> i am sure that we will take a look at this. >> the chaotic scene was
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captured in this cell phone video which was posted on you tube. coming up a 530 we will hear from a victim of the weekend assault at wal- mart. >> the national rifle association is set to announce its recommendations for permitting gun violence in schools today. the nra first announced the national school shield program in december in response to the newtown, connecticut school massacre. the report will include training recommendations to prepare armed guards its schools and legislative proposals for congress. congress is on recess this week, but they are expected to address gun legislation next week. this announcement comes as the state of connecticu this p poised to pass the toughest gun laws in the nation. >> president obama will be
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attending a couple of front raises right here in the bay area tomorrow. his first thought is a reception at the home of a democratic fund-raiser at tom steyer. been president was in a $32,500 a plate dinner at the home of billionaire philanthropist gordon getty. both events are fund raisers for the democratic congressional campaign committee held in san francisco. president obama will then a 10 to more fund- raisers on thursday and atherton with the first stop of the day will be a brunch at the home of liz simons and mark heising, with tickets costing $32,400. the then his last bout will
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>> welcome back. we are taking a look at the stock market this morning. futures trading shows all three indexes and the positive this morning. stocks opened the month of april on a weak note, following an underwhelming report on manufacturing. let's take a look at the close in numbers. the dollar fell six points and the nasdaq dropped 28 points. the s&p
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gave up seven points. >> though obamas demonstration is proposing a one year delay in a feature of the new health care a lot intended to give workers at small companies health plan choices similar to what employees of large businesses enjoyed. starting jan. for small companies with up to 100 workers will be able to buy coverage through new health insurance market place is called exchanges. as originally envisioned, employees who have been the ones to pick their plans. but now for the first year, the employer would choose the entirfor the entire company. officials said that the transitional period is needed to slow the
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introduction of the program. >> apple has issued an apology to chinese consumers after government media attack its repair policies for two weeks. is that oppose the to apple's web site said that the complaints have prompted " deep reflection " and persuaded the company of the need to revamp its repair policies, boost communication with chinese consumers and strengthen oversight of all authorized resellers. state broadcaster c c t v and the ruling party's flagship newspaper people's daily had led the charge and trade apple as just the latest western firm to exploit the chinese consumers. >> more credit card users are paying their bills on time. an american bankers association report released today finds that about two and a half percent of bank
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>> welcome back the time is 6:13 a.m.. right now is dry outside and what to come is the question. >> today we are one to have
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sunshine and warmer weather. the temperatures will be above average. we are starting with a clearer skies. we do have dense fog and keep in mind that--fog is on the coast. keep this in mind but it will start to burn off quickly. into the afternoon there will be 60's and 70's. fremont will be checking in at 67 degrees. plenty of low 70's for antioch in livermore. it will be 69 for antioch perry ed will be partly cloudy skies for the north. snapple will become a net 70 degrees. if you are headed out for the mariners' game. the first pitch is a seminal
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5:00 p.m. expected temperatures to be in the low 60's. the winds will be coming in from the west. it will be warmer weather by wednesday and there will be morning showers from thursday. >> this will be as slow moreover and we will see pretty heavy downpours for the morning commute. by friday it will be partly cloudy conditions. wet weather may make a comeback for the weekend. >> keep in mind that you can watch the forecast anytime at our 24/7 bay area news channel. comcast channel 193. >> we are tracking a accident on the benicia bridge. this is southbound interstate 680. if this is backing up the traffic on paris. this is eastbound direction. this has been two
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days in a row we've had problems here. we are seeing what has become the new normal for the right to antioch. the changes as the leverage rolled ramp. this is due to land is being reconfigure rated. this testifies to the traffic merges and it has really created more backups. however, this is the new normal. there are no surprises for the shore freeway. there was in fact an early activation of the metering lights and then they were put off. this is why we are seeing the traffic backing up for the westbound ride. the san mateo bridges problem. with no delays in either direction. the golden gate bridge is still good in the volume is up. >> the un general assembly
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is expected to vote today on what would be the first treaty regulating the multi billion dollar international arms trade. i ran, and north korea and syria blocked its adoption by consensus. the resolution to adopt the treaty requires majority of the. member states. it would and to force countries to set up national controls on arms exports. the united states, the world's biggest arms dealer is ready to sign the tree but is a rectification by the u.s. congress is not assured. >> the state of connecticut wants to pass the toughest gun laws in the nation. the draft legislation would have more than 100 types of guns
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to the state's list of banned assault weapons. it would also limit the capacity of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds. while leaders hashed out the details monday, family members of those were killed in a mass shooting in newtown debtor nearby. if they handed out pictures of their loved ones and they demanded changes. the legislation would immediately banned any further sale, purchase or importation of magazines that could hold more than 10 rounds, but would allow current owners of larger capacity magazines to keep them. families of the children slain in new town say that they would rather see an across the board a ban. the connecticut general assembly will take up the legislation when it returns to session tomorrow.
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>> colorado prosecutors say that they are going after the death penalty for james holmes, the man who is charged with killing a dozen people in a movie theater shooting last july. we have video of homes at a hearing yesterday. the prosecutor says that he talked with the 60 people who lost relatives in the shooting about what penalty would be appropriate for holmes, and they decided that justice demands the death penalty. >> investigators are now sifting through newly uncovered debris from the world trade center for the first time in three years. they're hoping more victims might be identified after tens of millions of dollars has been spent on the painstaking identification process. 2750 people died at the 911 terrorist attacks,
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but only 1634 people have been identified. about 60 truckloads of debris that could contain human bone fragments is now being transported to a park that is built on top of the former fresh kills landfill on staten island. >> and boeing is conducted a another test flight of its 787 passenger jet over the west coast. the company set next monday's flight is designed to test the systems upgrades and not to certify changes in the plains of batteries. off 50 dream liner is are still grounded after two of them overheated. boeing expects to make a least one battery test flight. the test flight will be two hours from the seattle area to moses lake, washington. >> while boeing this test flights under way, japan's eight in a sense that it was
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to put pilots through the test. the largest customer for boeing is putting pilots through training to resume flights in june. the japanese carrier is also likely to use the dream liner initially for cargo flights once the new battery system is installed. >> new york city subway riders have been cautioned about smoking, sugar and teen pregnancy. now they're getting a new message that is passed on. the city's department of health is launching an ad campaign monday urging passengers routinize the salt in packaged foods. the ad shows two loaves of bread, zooms in on the " sodium " line in their nutrition labels and wants " to a much sought to lead a heart attack and stroke. " no word on the costs of the new soft campaign but the city said the federal centers for disease control and prevention pay for that. >> some women in california
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will get more information file in their routine press examinations under a state law that is now in effect. as of monday, women with dense breast tissue must be notified of that fighting after a mammogram. health officials say as many as 40 percent of women over the age of 40 have dense tissue, which can make it more difficult to detect cancer. a similar notification laws have been enacted in connecticut, texas, new york and virginia. >> today is world alta is an awareness day. every year on april 2nd, alta some organizations and rumba or observe the that with awareness programs and fund raisers. the group alta speak says that this development told disability affects one in every 88 children. it also has no medical detection or a cure.
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the empire state building is also celebrating by lighting it's a tower blue in honor of the group altus and speaks. >> a north bay city is deploying a different tactics to try to deal with homeless. some downtown businesses december fell have complained about homeless individuals taking items from dumpsters, urinating on property and other problems. in response, the police department and local cherry have created a hot zone map where three areas that are asking the home is to avoid or be respectful, if they do decide to loiter in the designated spots. however, others said that it is still a wrong move. >> the san rafael mayor says, that they're also looking at asking the county to help provide more resources for the homeless
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so they will have other places to go rather than just hang out around the city. >> here is that you outside from our mount cam. we will be right back. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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chief daryl louder announced his retirement monday after almost three years on the job. in the e-mail sent to the fire district's employees, louder said that he is retiring due to medical issues and his family. louder is from virginia, and still has family there. the chiefs last they will be on october 31st and will help in the hiring process for a new chief. the chiefs announcement comes after an unstable year that saw the fire district's shutdowns we stations and drastically cut back employee hours at clayton's only fire station. >> in oakland, the defending a a.l. west champions were hoping to continue last season success against their divisional rivalries seattle. brad anderson getting the
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opening day start for the a's. anderson-pitched well and got some help from his defense-eric sogard with the flip to jed lowrie who throws out a runner. andersen's only mistake came in the fifth where he gave up a to run single to franklin. those were the only ones there were scored in the game. seattle wins 220. these to do it again tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the coliseum. >> down in los angeles the giants got all the clinton kershaw they could handle. the dodgers' opening day kershaw they could handle. the dodgers' opening day pinew nehoney bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. herehe we go. honehoy corncoflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing.
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>> welcome back. >> we are looking at a couple of hot spots. the first one is on the benicia bridge. the traffic is only getting by on the shoulder. it has backed up traffic beyond lake, south bound in a state 80. the chp has this special traffic advisory. bay bridge westbound there is an accident on the incline section of the bridge that is blocking the middle lane. the metering lights have been clamped down and the drive time is starting to climb. it is now 18 minutes from the mimic
6:32 am
freeway. this is not only covering the west bound side but in the eastbound as well. >> some of us are waking up to morning fall but sunshine will be for everyone in the afternoon. if the temperatures will climb in the '60s. it is partly cloudy conditions later on tonight. tomorrow is expected to be the warmest day of the week. wet weather will return by next thursday. >> it was one year ago today that one goh opened fire at oikos university killing seven. kron4 will tran is live from the university this morning. >> i tried to speak to us
6:33 am
this gentleman but he stated that it was too emotional. he works across the street and he stated that he saw some of this happen. here is video of what he saw when he looked out his window. it was just chaos when the police arrive. they did not know whether or not he was still inside. on ultimately, six people were killed inside the building when he came looking for one particular administrator. he had a grudge or a dispute over at ministration fees. he went outside and that is when he runs across a classmate in the parking lot and he killed that class may. he took the class is car and drove to a safeway in alameda and then he turned himself san. he has not faced a day in court yet because to court appointed psychologist determined that he was incompetent and that
6:34 am
he does not have the capacity to stand trial. this is why he has been put in a psychiatric hospital until further tests can determine whether or not he will get better. in the meantime, life goes on and this is why the university plans to commemorate this event and they will have something set up on april the 13th. also, they will have one next saturday in oakland. >> new this morning. the
6:35 am
broken rods that were found last month on the new eastern span of the bay bridge could be a bigger problem than they first expected. to get you more news faster we will go to our sole reporter, kron 4 jackie sissel who was live on treasure island to explain. >> some of them had snapped and the new report is stating that caltran had done some tests before these bolts when then. the tests were inconclusive and there were not sure whether not they were supposed to bend. when they went ahead and put them men the of resorts was that that one-third of them were not good. engineers right now are reported to caltran and they are trying to find the problem and fix it. they're not sure what
6:36 am
they will do it this point. if there still a lot of questions and they are saying that it may cost a million dollars for the six. there also stating that at this point they feel that the bridge will open back up on memorial day. obviously, they're still a lot of questions whether not they were supposed to be put in in the first place. >> for all of the talk about the chinese still the which use the use blts or ashley may buy co. and ohio. they also built 14 other parts that have failed. >> the man who police say slammed his car into wal- mart and got out and attacked customers with a pipe, will be in court today. 31 your road haamid zaid a seaside, will be
6:37 am
arraigned today. he has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, and hit and run. police say that zaid was under the and influence of drugs, but did not disclose any thing else about a possible motive for what happened. >> four people were injured dorn the incident, including one who remains in the hospital. kron4 spoke to one of those victims, she describes the ordeal. >> i was turning into a parking lot at wal-mart and this person sideswiping. i was surprised because i was far away and he should not have hit me. he drove away so i thought was as they hit and run at first. and then, i called the police to report it and then he came around the corner. he then hit my car a again. he made wheely's to apart to allow.
6:38 am
the third time he came pass me i was standing on the sidewalk and i thought he was headed towards made a that is when he went through the door of wal-mart. i thought that i had aggravated him or that it was some type of road rage. he then tried to get into the store so i know it was more significant. >> eventually, wal-mart employees, with the help of some customers, tackled the suspect and held him until the police arrived. >> the time and 6:38 a.m.. here's a live look at the san jose traffic on 1 01. we will be right back.
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security system, or a rock purchaser. kron4 rewards is our way of thanking you for watching us. >> welcome back. the time is 6:43 a.m.. at tom in georgia votes to make gun ownership mandatory. the city council and nelson, about 50 mi. not to balance the vote last night to make gun ownership mandatory-alas one objects. kelso members of the town of about 1300 residents voted unanimously to approve the family protection organs. it requires a every head of household to own a gun and ammunition. and some from the organs are convicted felons, those with certain physical or mental disabilities and anyone who does not once owned a gun. >> a lot of you were commenting this morning. here are some of your comments. >> john davalos, stated " i
6:44 am
imagine with this new law is a felon tries to rob someone calls they would be shot dead. " >> gina edwards, stated " not the greatest idea, you will always give some trigger happy full goal on a shooting spree an innocent person by " accident " because they walk into a neighbor's lawn. " >> here is a live look outside at van ness ave. we will be right back.
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line welcome back. we are tracking hot spots. here is a live picture right and the
6:48 am
state's 680 south bound from ocelot so county. there was an earlier occurring accident on the benicia bridge that has just been clear. the signallers and a traffic advisory has been cancelled. however, we are tracking a new accident with a the signallers issued in san jose. the connecting ramps the south bound to 280 is blocked by an overturned see meant truck. the chp is stating that they have no idea when that will be reopened. take a look picture bay bridge there was a backup because of an earlier, an accident on the incline section. it is clear but it did blocked the middle lane for what. the commute is from 18 to 20 minutes for the westbound ride. >> we are watching wall street with our financial adviser rob black.
6:49 am
>> the dow is up. s&p 500 is up five points after a day but seven yesterday. we're talking about acquisitions. >> there is a website where people can hook up and we're talking about facebook they buy them. this will be about $38 million. >> for people under 16 years old this is really bad news for match the outcome. this is great news for certain people. leukocyte is different angles. facebook clearly is about putting people together but not it is about sharon a little bit more. >> let's go to unemployment.
6:50 am
the your numbers that came mall they have the highest unemployment a 12% for the 17 countries. when you look as spain and greece there at 12 a higher percentage. >> there's nothing but good nils. the european central bank will lower their interest rates and there is bad nils the cyprus will have more time to figure out their budget issues. italy, continues to lack. spain is more about the paid that we're watching. so far, everything seems under control. their bankers to now say that we have a plan
6:51 am
and you saw how well it was working for the united states. >> i want to talk with you about the other banks. 3 percent seems like a pretty good rate. do you like investing in anything down under? >> nsa lot like the united states but they do not have the congestion problems like we have. i like australia because there is similar to the asia. australia is much like canada and they have a lot of commodities. absolutely, i will want stone some taught shares. this is a lot safer then on they matthews fund. i rather would be outside investing in china than inside.
6:52 am
>> would check back with a rock with the winners and losers. >> right now the temperatures are in the 40's and 50's. we also have areas of dense fog and mainly in napa and santa rosa. we did have foggy conditions along the coast but some of it has start to scale back. future cast for stretching the temperatures in to the 7:00 hour. it will be very similar to what we're seeing right now. by noon we will see 60's and it will be a pretty mild day. we may see 70's and by 8:00 p.m. the temperatures will fall back down in the '50s. as we break down your afternoon high the will be plenty of 60's to go or around. it will be 65 before oakland. your kron 47 day around the bay highlights
6:53 am
showers are in the forecast as we head into thursday. heavy rain will be for the pick of the morning commute. we do have the potential to see light showers for saturday and sunday. this is starting to scale back and possible showers for the next work week. >> i do want to take a quick look at the snow bombs the report. we do not have a lot of new snow to report. north star has a base of 25 to 72. squaw valley has a base of 92 in.. the time the 6:53 a.m.. >> we will be right back. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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>> coming up on kron 4 morning news. friends and families are remembering
6:57 am
loved ones that were lost a year ago today in the oikos university shooting. memorial services will take place later this week, we'll have details coming up. >> the in our aid is expected to announce its plans for keeping schools safe. we will tell you what the new plan could detail. >> broken bolts are found on the new bay bridge, they may they may be a bigger problem that we first thought. we will have details coming up. when aenllergy congestion hits i rely on the speed and power of claritin-d. it starts working in just 30 minutes. nothinthg relieves nasal congestion and sinus pressure
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i'm vem ry impressed. this is ia great cereal! honey buy nches of oats. i hei ar you crunching. >> the morning. the top stories we're following for you on this tuesday april 2nd. friends and family are remembering loved ones who were lost a year ago today in a oikos university shooting. we will have a live report on the latest. >> police and a south san francisco are looking for a person they are calling a stereo iphone piece. >>